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Mombo’s Pizza - Sebastopol
560 Gravenstein Hwy N.
Sebastopol, CA 95472


One of the sculptural paintings we bought from Nell hangs in our entryway (image shown at right), bringing us pleasure every time we come home.  Guests, seeing it for the first time, always wonder at it - the materials, the subject, the artist.  Is it a tree?  An artichoke?  What is it made of?  There is always the impulse to run a hand over its smooth contours, accentuated by the rich, metallic colors of the piece.  Like all her work, it is fantastical and bold.  The fascination her painting evokes is what makes it wonderful.  There is something simultaneously familiar and elusive, engaging me anew every time I return to it.
- Review by Rachel Cauntay – Art Buyer

"Nell Hergenrather carves futurist fantasies out of Styrofoam, which she then coats with layers of stucco and metallic paint for a smooth, luminous cyber-glow. Jetsons comparisons are inevitable, especially when all these works bulge out from rectangular backdrops with rounded off corners for that old-time TV-screen look. But don't dismiss the sculpture as cartoon: it's funkier than that. 

"Nell's plant portraits exude the opposite energy, something merely borrowed from the template of real live plants. A tomato plant grows only fruit; a head of artichoke hovers, complete unto itself. Taken out of their earthly context, they become almost mocking mutations. Their rounded soft angles, combined with a metallic sheen, create an ambivalent viewer response: I want to touch, maybe even taste, but first let's check 'em with a Geiger counter."
- Review by Marina Wolf – Bohemian, May 2005

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